Shrine Room House


Shrine Room House

Residential Construction/2017-Present/Los Angeles/California

The Shrine Room House is a small multi-use back house for a family located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Frogtown. The family holds a prominent role as a leader in a West African spiritual tradition. Based on the work the family does within their community, they need this small structure to perform many functions: provide ceremonial entry, space for prayer, space for the preservation of religious shrines and a library/archive. Given all of these needs, the project is organized as a sequence of volumetric rooms, such that difference and specificity can exist, even for a very small structure. Interior details of material finish, built-in components and ceiling geometry allows the sequencing of spaces to be read through very economical means. A rather excessive landscape of flora and fauna fill the site. In response, the exterior is figured and finished such that it may quietly retreat into the wildness of its environs.

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Design Team: Corie Yaguchi