Eave House (Postscript)


Eave House (Postscript)

Group Exhibition/The Yale School of Architecture/2018/New Haven, Connecticut 

How do you make a model from an image? What would it mean to move from the flat, digital construct of a rendering to the layered, tectonics of a physical model? These are some of the questions we were excited to test out in the postscript of this project. In this case, the texture mapped pattern becomes quite literally an outer layer, or exterior curtain that can either hang on the figural mass, or delicately stand independently. This is a relationship of parts that is a bit more open – a system of representation in which components are allowed to cohabitate or go their separate ways.

The model and original images were collected for the group exhibition Adjacencies, curated by Nate Hume. Taken together, the project plays out relationships between productive adversaries: the real and the imaginary, the normative and the exotic, the physical and the digital. In this way, we may discuss simultaneously things like texture mapping, tectonics, building program, models and scenography.


Design Team: Tamara Birghoffer, Mateus Comparato, Tidus Ta