Good Company Unit


Good Company Unit

In response to the growing housing crisis in Los Angeles the county passed new measures, in 2016, to support residential densification by making it easier to permit Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs). The competition titled, Part of the Solution: Yes to ADU, was organized by the Arts Commission to support an expanded discourse around the question of the ADU.

Good Company Unit offers a friendly addition to the residential lot. We appreciate the personal and highly specific nature of one’s property. Critical aspects, such as the function of the unit, the size of the lot, the sensibility of the owner, the context of the neighborhood will always vary, and will always matter. The design of the GCU provides a catalogue of specific variations which give homeowners throughout the city ways to imagine new qualities and uses for their backyards. Fundamental to the GCU catalogue is a set of four guiding principles, all of which value specificity and familiarity over cool generality. Like a pet or a plant, the project believes that a little building could also be good company. 


Design Team: Nancy Ai, Tiziana Felice, Veronik Minassian, Neil Vasquez